Intellectual Property

Hamayuns is specialized firm in Intellectual Property matters which includes from registration of Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights and industrial designs and also related replying official actions, oppositions and its litigations.

- Patent and Trademark searches

- Patent and Trademark watch services

- Filing of Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Design applications

- Prosecution

- Registration of Patent, Trademarks, Copyright and Design

- Opposition

- Enforcement

- Litigation


For Patent application:

1. Specification, claims and drawings(if any) in English language.(three sets)

2. Complete details such as names, addresses and nationality of the applicant(s) and inventor(s).

3. Application Form (can be filed subsequent to the filing of the application in Pakistan).

4. Power of Attorney Form P-28, to be signed by the applicant(s) in our favour (can be filed subsequent to the filing of the application in Pakistan).

5. Certified copy of the Priority document(s) in English language [for convention application only]. This document can be filed with in three months subsequent to the filing of the application in Pakistan along with late fees.

For Trademark/Service mark application:

1. A notarized Power of Attorney (Form TM-48). This document can be filed subsequent to filing of the application in Pakistan.

2. Ten prints or labels and an electrotype(can be prepared locally). Labels are not required for word marks.

3. Nature of goods/services for which mark is to be used according to International classification.

4. Information regarding the trademark/Service mark is being used or is proposed to be used. If in use date of first use of the trademark in Pakistan.

5. Complete details such as name, address, nationality and the nature of business of the applicant(s).

6. In case of convention/priority application, details of the application filed in the convention country and a certified copy certified by an official of the convention country in which first application was filed.

For Industrial design application:

1. A Power of Attorney simply signed by the applicant(s) and notarized.

2. Drawings/photographs of the design. 5 sets of different views such as top, bottom, front, back, perspective etc. are required

3. Complete details such as name, address, nationality of the applicant(s)

4. Priority documents for priority applications only.

5. Statement of novelty.

For Copyright application:

1. Complete details such as name, nationality and address of the applicant

2. Ten original copies of the work which is to be registered. Five copies must be Signed by the author/creator of the work.

3. Complete details such as name, nationality and address of author/creator of the work.

4. If author is dead, date of his/her death

5. Year in which work is created

6. Duly executed Power of Attorney

7. An affidavit of the author of the work surrendering rights in favor of the applicant company.

Financial & Corporate

We offer following specialized services regarding financial and corporate to our associates and clients.

- New business plans based on market and financial research.

- Application of Local corporate laws for new and already working companies together with litigation matters of corporate.

- Applcation of state bank and foreign exchange regulations for investment in Pakistan and disbursement of amount from establishment in Pakistan.

- Application of Double Taxation Treaties and Local Laws on non residents.

Specialized Contract

Hamayuns has specialized experience of dealing contracts which includes

- Preparaing, reviewing and negotiating legal conracts relating to Energy and Oil & Gas sectors.

- Preparing and reviewing legal contracts relating to Franchising, Licensing and assignments.

- Other legal contracts.